Friday, April 24, 2015

Ask Linda #1047-Player’s stroke moves his ball and another’s

Hi Linda,
Two balls lying very close to one another in a bunker. Player "A" decides to play his ball as he couldn't be bothered to wait for player "B" to arrive and mark his ball, and thinking he just about had room to play his shot without "touching" player "B"s ball. However in playing his bunker shot he also hits player "B"s ball with his follow through. Is there a penalty, and if so, what is it?
Lou from Spain 

Dear Lou,

In stroke play, there is no penalty for moving a fellow competitor’s ball [Rule 18-4].

In match play, there is a one-stroke penalty for moving your opponent’s ball [Rule 18-3b].

In both stroke play and match play, if the original lie was altered, it must be re-created as accurately as possible before the ball is replaced [Rule 20-3b (iii)].

This is not one of those times where playing quicker will speed up the pace. In fact, more time might be wasted explaining the situation and describing the lie the other player will have to re-create before placing and hitting his shot.

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