Friday, April 10, 2015

Ask Linda #1037-Lift, clean, and place twice

Hi Linda,
At our club here in New Zealand we have winter placing – lift, clean and place within 6 inches no closer to the hole on your own fairway. Once the ball is definitely at rest after being placed back and the marker lifted, the ball subsequently moves. I presume you leave the ball where it comes to rest and play from there. My question is – if my presumption is correct, that I am allowed to hit from this new location – am I also allowed to clean and place again?
Thank you,
Lulu from New Zealand

Dear Lulu,

Getting greedy, are we? One placement per customer. Once you place your ball it is in play. If it subsequently moves, you must play it from its new location and you may not lift, clean, and place it a second time [Appendix I, Part B, Local Rule #4c].

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