Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ask Linda #1035-Stand in hazard, ground club outside hazard

Hello Linda, 
I have a question that I have searched the net for but cannot find an answer to in any blog or even on the R&A website.

My ball lands on the fairway but very close to a hazard. Being right handed I must partly stand in the hazard to play the ball. If I ground my club outside the hazard but whilst standing in the hazard is that a penalty?

Kind regards,
Lou from the UK

Dear Lou,

No penalty.

There is no restriction on where you may stand to hit your ball. The location of the ball dictates whether there is a penalty for grounding your club. Except when your ball lies in a hazard, you are always entitled to ground your club.

Interestingly enough, if your ball lies just outside a bunker, you are permitted to ground your club in the bunker to hit your ball [Decision 13-4/1]. Again, the key is where the ball lies – since the ball is neither in the bunker nor touching it, there is no restriction on where you may ground your club.

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