Monday, April 6, 2015

Ask Linda #1033-Partner’s ball assists in match play

Hi Linda,
My partner and I were playing in a Four Ball Better Ball Match Play competition recently. My ball was about 18" from the hole. My partner was off the green preparing to play his shot. Neither of our opponents conceded the putt or requested that I mark my ball. My question is- can my partner and I determine via discussion whether we choose to leave the ball as it lies?

Lou from Australia

Dear Lou,

In both match play and stroke play, you may leave your ball in position to assist your partner, and you may discuss your intention to do so. However, if your opponent or fellow competitor requests that the ball be lifted, you must comply. Any player has the right to ask that a ball that may assist play be lifted [Rule 22-1b].

In stroke play only, if the Committee learns that both teams have agreed to leave a ball in place to assist play, both teams will be disqualified.

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