Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ask Linda #715-Score after lifting provisional in play

Linda, I really enjoy your rules explanations.

Today at our club day we had a new member hit a ball into a bush. She played a provisional, declaring it was a provisional, but that ball only went about 10 meters. She went forward and picked up her provisional, thinking she would be able to find her original ball, but she didn't, so she returned to The Tee and hit another ball.

What is her penalty?

We ruled her 3rd shot from the tee was her 5th shot. On thinking about it, I think she should have been disqualified as she hit a wrong ball by hitting her 3rd from the tee. She should have replaced her provisional after picking it up and discovering it was now the ball in play. She should have taken a penalty of one stroke and continued to play her provisional for her 5th shot.

Lulu from Australia

Dear Lulu,

No need for disqualification, Lulu. Here is how to calculate her score:

Stroke #1: Tee shot into the bush.
Strokes #2 and 3: Provisional ball from tee. This ball is now in play because the original was lost.
Stroke #4: One-stroke penalty for lifting her provisional, which was her ball in play*.
Strokes #5 and 6: Her third shot from the tee played under stroke and distance when she lifted the ball in play and returned to the tee.

* This player cannot avoid the one-stroke penalty for lifting her ball in play (stroke #4) because she had no intention of playing it under stroke and distance at the time she picked it up [Decision 27-2b/10].

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