Friday, August 23, 2013

Ask Linda #712-Ball lost in GUR

Hi Linda,

We have an area on one of the golf holes that has been marked as ground under repair. It is actually part of the cart path that caved in and has made a very deep ditch. Today, one of our players hit her tee shot into this area and the ball could not be found. Would she get a free drop without penalty or should it have been considered a lost ball?

Thanking you in advance,
Lulu from New Jersey

Dear Lulu,

If it is known or virtually certain that the ball is lost in the ground under repair (GUR), the player is entitled to free relief [Rule 25-1c]. “Known” means someone saw it enter the GUR; “virtually certain” means that if you can’t find it outside the GUR there is no other place it could possibly be than in the GUR.

If you are not absolutely certain that the ball is in the GUR, the ball is lost and the player must proceed under stroke and distance [Rule 27-1].

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