Friday, August 9, 2013

Ask Linda #704-Relief for abnormal shot


If the only way you can hit a ball away from an out of bounds marker (fence) is backwards (with a reverse stroke), which would have you standing in a fire ant bed, and you take relief from the ant bed, can you now hit the ball forward? Originally there was no way to hit the ball facing forward and the ants were not in play.

Love your emails.
Lulu from Texas

Dear Lulu,

While hitting a ball with a reverse shot (turning around and hitting lefty, for example, if you’re a righty) is unusual, it is not an unreasonable stroke for a right-handed player whose ball lies near a fence on the left side of the hole. The player is entitled to free relief from the dangerous fire ants that interfere with her stance for a left-handed stroke. After she takes her relief (nearest point of relief plus one club-length, no closer to the hole), she may hit the ball any way she chooses. If she is now able to turn around and hit right-handed, that is her good fortune [Decision 24-2b/17].

However, there must be no doubt that the ants are responsible for her inability to hit the shot. If the ball is so close to the fence that the fence would interfere with a left-handed shot, the player is not entitled to relief.

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