Thursday, October 4, 2018

Ask Linda #1816-Record score higher than achieved

Hello Linda,
This situation came up in a 4-person scramble. It was discovered that the scorecard was added incorrectly. When we informed the team, they declared the score was correct but the individual hole score was recorded incorrectly. The score was recorded with one stroke higher than they actually had. They obviously did not add the card but just checked the total with the other scorer. Our golf professional determined that since the hole score recorded was actually higher that it was not a penalty. Is that a correct ruling?
Lulu from Temple Terrace, Florida

Dear Lulu,


There are two issues that need to be addressed here:

1. The player is not responsible for the correct addition of the scores. That job belongs to the Committee [Rule 33-5]. There is no penalty to the player for incorrect addition.

2. The player is responsible for the accuracy of the score for each hole.  If the score recorded is higher than the actual score achieved, the higher score stands [Rule 6-6d].

Accordingly, the team did not incur a penalty for recording the incorrect total, but the score they recorded that was too high becomes their official score for that hole. That error may not be corrected.

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