Monday, October 1, 2018

Ask Linda #1813-Suspect score

Hello Linda,
I have a two-part question.
While playing a Par 5, my second shot landed right of the green, but was not found (lost ball). I'm not sure what the ruling is, but to keep pace, I dropped a new ball near where the ball should have been. I gave myself a stroke penalty for doing so.

Playing four, I chipped onto the green. The ball deflected off the shoe of a fellow competitor who was on the green. I played the ball where it came to rest and made the putt, carding a suspect 5.

I just wanted to get clarification if this hole was played correctly or not. One of the fellow competitors showed negative emotion towards it.

Thank you.
Lou from Encinitas, California

Dear Lou,

Whenever your ball is lost, you are required to play another ball under stroke and distance [Rule 27-1]. This means you must return to where you hit your previous shot, drop a ball, and add one penalty stroke to your score. This is a fairly basic Rule; I wouldn’t fault the player who showed “negative emotion.” In a tournament, if you failed to correct your mistake before teeing off on the next hole, you would be subject to disqualification.

There is no penalty for your chip from off the green deflecting off a fellow competitor who was on the green [Rule 19-4]. You must play the ball as it lies. Players should generally not be standing near another player’s line of play; and if they are, they should be attentive and take care to get out of the way of the player’s ball in motion.

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