Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ask Linda #1635-GUR marked on one side only

Linda, my scenario is as follows.
We have a water hazard on the left side, well into the rough. They have reseeded the area immediately to the right of the hazard, which extends about 1/2 way (just the seeded area) from the hazard to the fairway. The reseeded area is roped off as Ground Under Repair, but only on the right side (towards the fairway), and not completely around the GUR.

The question is: Is the water hazard, which is still Red-staked, still considered a water hazard and to be assumed that the GUR ends at the hazard line, or with only the right side of the GUR roped off, would the GUR continue to the edge of the course? In this case the edge is a highway and no longer any part of the course.

Thank You.
Lou from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Lou,

The Committee should have been a bit more careful marking the ground under repair (GUR), or should have informed players of the boundary of the GUR. A simple statement, such as: “The newly-seeded area to the right of the hazard on Hole #12 is ground under repair from which play is prohibited. The margin of the ground under repair extends to the edge of the lateral water hazard,” would be sufficient.

You will need to ask the Committee (or the golf course management) to explain its intention regarding this GUR. I would assume they meant to mark only the newly-seeded area, and that they meant to prohibit play from that area. If play is prohibited, the Committee would do well to establish a temporary Dropping Zone for balls that would ordinarily be dropped in the area marked as GUR under the two-club-length relief option in Rule 26-1c.

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