Friday, October 20, 2017

Ask Linda #1628-Hit empty tee before hitting teed ball

Today, I played with a colleague, and prior to teeing off she placed a tee next to her teed ball and hit it and immediately after teed off. Is that permissible? At every hole she followed this routine. Maybe not a rules violation or stroke, but annoying.
Thank you,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dear Lulu,

As long as it doesn’t take her an infinite amount of time to do this (which seems unlikely based on your narrative), I see no problem with it. Things could be worse – she could be taking two or three practice swings before she hits her ball, a procedure that might be even more annoying. A practice swing at an empty tee followed immediately by the actual tee shot sounds fairly efficient.

Why don’t you time all your fellow competitors the next time you play with her? Start timing when the player steps onto the teeing ground, and stop when she hits the ball. If the subject of your question takes about the same time to hit the ball as everyone else, perhaps that knowledge will diminish your annoyance.

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