Monday, October 23, 2017

Ask Linda #1629-Relief from out-of-bounds corn stalk

On the Par 5 fifth at our club, there is out of bounds on the left directly up against an off the property cornfield. Every now and then a ball comes to rest in bounds but close enough to the corn stalks so that they affect your swing. Is there any relief granted or can you move or stand on a corn stalk so you have a swing being it is off the property?
Lou from Columbia, Pennsylvania

Dear Lou,

No. There is no relief from objects that live and grow out of bounds. If you move, bend, or break a corn stalk you have breached Rule 13-2 [Decision 13-2/19]. Nor may you stand on it to keep it from interfering with your stance, backswing, or stroke [Decision 13-2/1]. These rulings also apply to anything growing on the golf course.

The penalty is two strokes in stroke play, loss of hole in match play.

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