Friday, October 6, 2017

Ask Linda #1618-Ball touches rake in bunker

Hi Linda,
The ball is in the bunker and touching the rake. The player moves the rake and the ball moves forward closer to the hole. Do you play it from the new position, place it back where it was, or drop it?
Lulu from Scotland

Dear Lulu,

When a ball that touches a movable obstruction moves when the obstruction is removed, the ball must be replaced by placing it. If it rolls after you place it, you must place it again. After two tries, you must place the ball at the nearest spot in the hazard that is no closer to the hole where the ball will remain at rest.

Be aware that you may not press the ball into the sand to keep it from rolling [Decision 1-2/9]. If there is no spot in the hazard that is not closer to the hole where the ball will remain at rest, you have two options [Decision 20-3d/2], both of which include one penalty stroke:

• Play the ball under the stroke-and-distance option of the unplayable Rule.
• Drop the ball outside the bunker on the flagline.

This issue is one of several reasons why it is recommended that rakes be placed outside bunkers [Decision Misc./2]. Miscellaneous decisions are located immediately following the last Decision for Rule 34].

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