Monday, February 20, 2017

Ask Linda #1484-Change balls between holes

Hi Linda,
After coming off the first green, I noticed that my ball was getting a little shabby. I brought out a new ball, and played without informing my fellow competitors. I believe I am not required to inform competitors, either in stroke play or match play, that I am changing my ball. Is this correct?

Thanks, love your blogs Linda, 
Lou from Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders

Dear Lou,

Yes, you are permitted to change balls between the play of two holes. There is no requirement that you inform your opponents or fellow competitors, but I would strongly recommend that you do so. It will save everyone from unnecessary confusion should you need assistance finding your ball.

Each player should also announce what ball he is playing, as well as how it is marked, at the start of the round. While it is unlikely that two players will have the same brand, number, and personal mark, it is important to know that another player is playing your same type of ball. This knowledge will make you more careful about checking to see that the Brand-X ball you are about to hit is your Brand-X ball.

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