Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ask Linda #1476-Mark ball with a cupcake

Hi Linda,
 Just a quickie……

During a conversation today during golf, a question was asked as to what can be used as a ball marker on the green. My understanding is that you can use anything you like, from a cup cake to a leaf. Am I right in my assumption? I believe the rules provide guidance as to what is appropriate but do not say that anything in particular cannot be used.

So, are there items such as leaves, twigs, etc., that are ruled that they cannot be used, or may literally anything be used?

Kind regards,
Lou from Australia

Dear Lou,

A cupcake it is a bit large – there might be some argument regarding whether you replaced your ball in the correct spot if you mark it with a cupcake.

You are correct in thinking you may use just about anything to mark a ball, including leaves and twigs. Decision 20-1/16 mentions several ways you may mark a ball that are permissible (but not recommended):
• placing the toe of a club at the side of, or behind, the ball;
• using a tee;
• using a loose impediment

I would suggest you follow the recommendation to use a small coin or something similar. Wouldn’t you rather eat the cupcake?

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