Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ask Linda #1475-Lift flagstick while putt in motion

I laid the flag down on the green and my friend putted her ball. The green had a ridge my friend did not consider. Then she putted and her ball headed for the flag instead of the hole. I picked up the flag so her ball would not hit it. Did I do wrong? Did my friend or I incur a penalty? Thank you for your reply. I love your blog.
Lulu from Green Valley, Arizona

Dear Lulu,

A flagstick that has been removed from the hole and is lying on the ground may be lifted out of the way of an oncoming ball. There is no penalty to anyone [Rule 24-1]. The same ruling applies to equipment of any player that is in the path of a moving ball.

Keep in mind that the above ruling is a special exception that applies only to a removed or attended flagstick or to player equipment. If a player moves any other object that might influence the movement of the ball while the ball is in motion, the penalty is loss of hole in match play, two strokes in stroke play.

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