Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ask Linda #1471a-Follow-up to Ask Linda #1471-Ball crosses hazard and rolls back in

Why can't you drop on the part of the hazard line that is on the green side of the hazard, if there is grass or a playable dry spot on that line, e.g., slope going down to water?
I thought we see this frequently on TV in PGA Tournaments–drop twice, it may roll, then place.
Lulu from New Hampshire

Dear Lulu,

You may not drop on the green side of a yellow-staked water hazard when your ball is in the hazard! And you may not take relief from a water hazard by dropping in it – if you cannot play the ball as it lies, hazard relief must be taken behind the hazard (on the flagline) or at the spot where you hit the previous shot (stroke and distance). Please read Rule 26-1a and b.

When you see a player on TV dropping a ball within two club-lengths of the hazard line, he is taking relief from a lateral water hazard (a hazard defined by red-stakes or lines). Please read Rule 26-1c, which provides the two-club-length drop relief option in addition to the flagline and stroke-and-distance relief options when your ball lies in a lateral water hazard.

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