Friday, February 10, 2017

Ask Linda #1478-Is extra club on ground an alignment aid?

On one hole the tee box is a little walk back from where we would leave our trolleys and I sometimes carry 2 clubs and decide which one I will hit once I am on the tee box. I leave the second club resting on the tee box markers so the grip doesn’t get wet.
I was told by a friend that this is against the rules. (It could be thought that the club was being used for alignment.)
Could you please advise?
Lou from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear Lou,

There is a difference between casually laying an extra club on a tee marker to keep the grip dry and carefully positioning a club on the ground to serve as an alignment marker. There is no penalty in the former, and a two-stroke/loss-of-hole penalty in the latter if the club is still on the ground when you hit the ball.

There is no penalty for what you are doing, as there is no intention to use the club as an alignment aid. If you want to avoid a pointless argument, place the club on the tee marker that is behind you (the one you can’t see when you take your stance), and position the club at a right angle to your stance (so it does not point towards the hole).

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