Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ask Linda #1472-Who records handicap on scorecard?

Hi Linda,
Who has the responsibility of putting the handicap on the scorecard? Is it the player or the Committee?

I seem to remember seeing in the last set of “Rules of Golf” something regarding that it is the player’s responsibility to verify the correctness of the handicap on the scorecard. In the 2012-2015 Rules of Golf, I cannot find that wording.

In Rule 33-5 Score Card, it says that the committee is responsible for the application of the handicap recorded on the scorecard. But I cannot see where it explicitly says who is to put the handicap on the scorecard.

Thank you,
Lou from Sequim, Washington

Dear Lou,

The final responsibility lies with the player.

In match play, in a handicap competition, the players are required to find out their respective handicaps from each other [Rule 6-2a].

In stroke play, in a handicap competition, the competitor must make sure that his handicap is recorded on his scorecard before he submits it to the Committee [Rule 6-2b]. The Committee is responsible for applying that handicap correctly [Rule 33-5].

Since the penalty for recording a handicap that is too high can result in disqualification, and the player is responsible for the accuracy of that handicap, the player should inspect his card as soon as he receives it. If the handicap is already recorded, he must verify that it is correct; if it is not recorded, he must write it on the scorecard himself.  


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