Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ask Linda #1480-Stand OB to hit ball in bounds

Dear Linda,
What do I do if the ball lands in bounds but in order to hit the ball my stance would place one foot on private property. What would be my next “step?” Step on private property and swing away? Take a difficult stance in bounds and swing away? Take an unplayable lie?
Thank you for your wonder site.
Lou from Bradenton, Florida

Dear Lou,

Under the Rules of Golf, a player is permitted to stand out of bounds to hit a ball that is in bounds.

In the rare circumstance that a homeowner objects to your standing on the edge of his property, the issue may be addressed by the Committee. The Committee might consider moving the out of bounds away from the legal boundary (three feet should suffice) so that the player would not be standing on the homeowner’s property to make his stroke. Out of bounds is where the Committee decides, not necessarily the property boundary.

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