Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ask Linda #1272-Marked ball moved by wind

When is the ball back in play when it has been lifted from the green? At what point if the wind moves the ball does it remain in the position to which it rolled? If the marker is still behind the ball when the wind moves it, do you replace the ball or play it from its new position?
Lou from Bernville, Pennsylvania

Dear Lou,
The ball is in play as soon as it is replaced, on the green as well as anywhere else. 

Any time a ball in play is moved by the wind, it must be played from its new position. If the ball has been replaced in front of a marker, the marker has not been lifted, and the wind subsequently moves the ball, the ball is played from its new position. This is because a ball that has been lifted and replaced is in play, regardless of whether the marker is removed.

This is not a new Rule. However, it is a new addition to the Definition of “Ball in Play.” Prior to this year, the information was only available in the Decisions book. It was added to the Definition of “Ball in Play” to make it more accessible.

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