Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ask Linda #1265-Poor etiquette

Dear Linda,
We are having a "Real Problem" with one of our lady golfers in our Tuesday league.
When she doesn't play well, which is more times than not, she curses like a sailor and will pound clubs and just carry on something horrible. The girls have tried to cool her down by telling her she's her own worst enemy, it's just a game, etc., but it is getting worse, to the point where we really don't want to play with her.
Is there anything in the rules that would help with a situation like this?
Thanks for your help.
Lulu from Florida

Dear Lulu,

The Etiquette section of the rulebook begins by explaining the “spirit” of the game. It tells us that since we usually play this great game without supervision (referees, officials, umpires), we are expected to be courteous and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Good conduct and courtesy are expected at all times.

The Committee has the power to discipline players that cannot behave themselves on the course. After efforts to talk to the player have failed, the Committee may suspend her temporarily from the league. If that is ineffective, the next step could be to revoke her privilege to play in the league and in all events at your course [Decision 33-8/6].

In a tournament setting, the Committee has the power to disqualify a player for a serious breach of etiquette, although it is encouraged to issue a warning first [Decision 33-7/8].

Don’t let one woman’s lack of discipline and manners ruin everyone’s day. Sit her down, explain what is expected of her on the course, and make it perfectly clear that she will not be allowed to play in your league for x number of weeks (months, years) if she cannot learn to behave properly.


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