Friday, January 1, 2016

Linda’s Advice for 2016

Watch your tempo on the backswing,
Do not rush it on the downswing.

Mark and lift the ball, I say,
Put it back, it’s now in play.

Concentrate while in the bunker,
You don’t want to hit a clunker.

Wait your turn, but plan your play,
Hit your ball without delay.

Do not waste time in the sun,
Everybody wants some fun.

Rake that bunker after swinging,
Do it quickly, no malingering.

Courtesy will win you friends,
Please yell “fore,” then make amends.

Fix your ball marks, others too,
Everyone will play with you.

Do not be a chatty Nate,
Players like to concentrate.

Buy a rulebook for your mother,
Father, sister, little brother.

Read the rulebook bit by bit,
You’ll save strokes, I guarantee it.

Treasure all the friends you make,
Join in on the give and take.

Here’s a wish for New Year’s Day,
Hope you all get out to play.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to all my readers and their friends and family!

Copyright © 2016 Linda Miller. All rights reserved.