Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ask Linda #1228-Ball rests against rake

Linda…in a recent round my ball came to rest against a bunker rake lying outside the bunker. The rake was on the high side of the bunker and on a very steep slope. Had it not been for the rake, my ball certainly would have rolled into the bunker. I believe the rule is to pick up the ball, move the rake, and drop as close as possible to where it was. The question is: What do you do if the dropped ball rolls into the bunker even after multiple drops? Do you hand-place the ball back on the slope where it was, or do you play out of the bunker? (By the way…not that it matters rule-wise, but in this case the bunker shot was by far the easier shot).

Lou from Texas

Dear Lou,

The proper procedure is to lift the rake and replace the ball [Rule 24-1a]. You have only two opportunities to place the ball. If it rolls away both times, you must place it at the nearest spot where it will stay put. That spot must be no closer to the hole and not in the hazard [Rule 20-3d(i)].

If the ball had come to rest on the rake, you would drop the ball instead of place it.

I generally recommend that you mark a ball that you suspect will move when you remove a movable obstruction. It will save you from any confusion or arguments regarding where to replace your ball.

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