Friday, January 8, 2016

Ask Linda #1229-Relief from interior fences

At my home course we have several split rail fences that are basically decorative and are situated in patches of high wispy rough. When someone's ball comes to rest close enough to the fences to impede a swing, we take relief (immovable obstruction) with one club length & a free drop. Is this correct or should we be proceeding under the unplayable lie rule?
Lou from Columbia, Pennsylvania

Dear Lou,

Interior fences are immovable obstructions. You are entitled to free relief. Find the nearest point of relief and drop within one club-length of that spot, no closer to the hole [Rule 24-2b].

Don’t forget that a fence that defines out of bounds is not an immovable obstruction. If you are unable to hit the ball due to interference from an out-of-bounds fence, you will have to take relief under the unplayable ball Rule [Rule 28], which will add one penalty stroke to your score.

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