Monday, January 25, 2016

Ask Linda #1240-Accidentally knock sand onto ball in bunker


I need your help with a golf situation during a stroke play round of golf.

One of the players hit his ball into a greenside bunker when he tried to reach the green. Once he got into the bunker he found his ball semi-buried in an uphill slope. He took his stance, not in an invasive way, and suddenly sand from the upper lip of the bunker fell over his ball without moving it but covering it more that it was originally.

Is there any penalty for the player?
Is there any procedure to follow?

Thank you very much for your time and reply.

Best Regards,
Lou from Argentina

Dear Lou,

If a player worsens his lie, he is not permitted to restore it. If he does, he is in breach of Rule 13-2.

The player must play the ball as it lies, with the extra sand on top. There is no penalty unless the ball moved, in which case he would incur a one-stroke penalty for moving his ball in play and would be required to replace it.

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