Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ask Linda #1134-Improperly marked hazard

Hi Linda,

My golf course has undergone a few changes over the last couple of years. To the right of the 14th fairway is where our new 15th hole has been built.

There is a red hazard between the 2 holes. Playing the 14th hole, if I go to the right of the fairway and red hazard pegs, I'm in the hazard. But there is no further red hazard peg anywhere on the 15th hole. On the other side of the 15th hole is the border of the course. So, in effect, if I were to hit it on to the 15th tee, I'm in a hazard!!

My question is, does there have to be another hazard peg to determine the border of the hazard? And, when I'm teeing off on the 15th, am I in the hazard?

Thanks Linda. Good luck with this one.

Lou from Collaroy, Australia

Dear Lou,

A lateral hazard located between two holes should be marked on both sides. The Committee has failed in its responsibility by not placing red stakes on both sides of this hazard.

The player encountering an unmarked or improperly hazard must use his judgment regarding where the stakes would have been placed had the Committee properly done its job. What the player must do is imagine the red stakes have been placed where the ground breaks down to form the hazard, and take his relief accordingly.

Most assuredly, a ball hit from the 14th hole to the 15th tee box is not in a hazard.

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