Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ask Linda #1120-Player arrives late to match

Hi Linda,

In match play – I realize that if Players A and B have a match and player A is late, this results in loss of the first hole.

How long does Player B wait for Player A? Is there a time cut off? Same for "team play" where there are two partners to a side. Side One is late...what is the procedure for Side Two? How long do they wait before Side One is ultimately D/Q?

Thank you.
Lulu from Palm Springs, California

Dear Lulu,

Five minutes. 

Rule 6-3 states that if a player arrives within five minutes of her starting time, the penalty is loss of hole in match play or two strokes on the first hole in stroke play. After five minutes have elapsed, the penalty is disqualification.

The Committee may modify this in exceptional circumstances. Be aware that "exceptional circumstances" means something like a player passed an accident on the way and stopped to administer CPR. It does not mean the traffic was heavy, the player got lost, or her car broke down. Players are expected to leave early enough to allow for possible delays [Decision 6-3a/1.5].

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