Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ask Linda #1124-Discontinue play

Hello, Linda.

My partner and I were playing in a final match play tournament. I witnessed one of my opponents touch and move her ball while she was approximately three feet away from the green. I immediately informed her that she could not touch or move her ball. When we advanced to the next hole to exchange scores our opponent replied that she had a 5. I replied back and said no you had a 6. Whereupon she replied back and said she had a 5 and I again said she had a 6 due to the penalty.

Our opponent then told me to F...Off, I Was a Bitch and a piece of work. She also came towards me in a very threatening manner.

I was totally shocked and couldn't believe the abusive language directed towards me. My partner and I decided to discontinue the match and returned to the clubhouse.

My partner and I were disqualified for Discontinuance of Play, Rule 6-8.

Upon reading Rule 6-8: “The player must not discontinue play unless:
(iv) there is some other good reason such as sudden illness”

Would you agree with (iv) in that my partner and I had a good reason to discontinue play??

Thank you.
Lulu from White Rock, Canada

Dear Lulu,

If you feared physical harm, yes. Otherwise, no. But you had a good reason to file a claim (scoring dispute), and the Committee would have a good reason to go beyond your claim and disqualify your opponent for a serious breach of etiquette [Rule 33-7].

When you have a scoring dispute, a better response might be: “I am going to file a claim because I believe you scored 6 (or you lost the hole, if the moved ball was not replaced). The Committee can resolve the dispute at the end of our match.”

Abusive language directed towards an opponent is unacceptable. If you are able to contact a Committee member during your round, the Committee might immediately disqualify your opponent for a serious breach of etiquette. It would not surprise me to learn that the Committee bans this player from a number of future tournaments.

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