Friday, February 13, 2015

Ask Linda #997-OB ball dropped under hazard relief

Hi Linda,
Recently in our club a player hit a ball over a red hazard directly over an out of bounds marker which was behind the hazard.
He dropped his ball under the hazard ruling even though it clearly went out of bounds.

1) What should he have done?
2) Can you have a hazard directly before an out-of-bounds post?

Lou from Spain

Dear Lou,

The player’s ball is out of bounds. He must return to where he hit his previous shot and add one penalty stroke to his score [Rule 27-1b].

When he dropped and played a ball at the hazard, he played from a wrong place. He incurs a two-stroke penalty. In most cases, he would complete the hole with the ball played from the wrong place. However, in this case, he gained a significant distance advantage, as he was much closer to the hole. This is a serious breach. He would have to return and hit a ball from where he hit his previous shot before teeing off on the next hole. If he does not, and the Committee rules that he has committed a serious breach (which they will, if the distance gained was significant), he will be disqualified [Rule 20-7c].

There is no reason why an out-of-bounds post can’t be located on the far side of a lateral hazard.

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