Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ask Linda #996-Golfer hits ball into your group

Hi Linda.  Group behind my 4some hit ball into us while we where on the green putting. Golfer on green said she has a right to hit the ball off the green since we were hit into. What is the right thing to do?
Lulu from Texas

Dear Lulu,

What are we, five years old? No, it is not correct to hit the unwelcome ball. In fact, if the golfer on the green hits it off the green, she has taken a practice stroke and has incurred a two-stroke penalty (loss of hole in match play). She may, however, mark and lift it, if it is in anyone’s way. (Don’t let her forget to replace it – you don’t want to start World War III over an etiquette breach that may have simply been a miscalculation.)

This is an etiquette issue. The player behind your group should wait until your group is off the green to hit his ball. He should also yell “fore” if there is even a remote possibility that his ball will hit someone. One of the players in your group should politely ask the offender to refrain from hitting until you are out of range, and to yell “fore” if he has hit the ball further than humanly possible (the usual excuse). I would like to hope that he has the courtesy to apologize.

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