Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ask Linda #1001-Nudge ball twice on teeing ground

Hi Linda,

After teeing my ball up, I knocked it off by accident with my 3 iron as I addressed the ball. I was aware this wasn't a penalty, so now intended to put the ball back on the tee. But my tee was now at an angle, so to dislodge it completely before teeing up the ball again I used my 3 iron to try to gently nudge it out of the ground. However I missed the tee and hit the ball, and it rolled forward and off the front of the tee (about 15 meters).

Does this count as a stroke or should I go and pick up my ball and place it back on the tee again?

Lou from Chicago

Dear Lou,

The ball is not in play until you intentionally try to hit it from the teeing ground. That is why you do not count a stroke when you accidentally knock it off your tee. Neither do you count a stroke when you inadvertently move the ball while trying to dislodge your tee. Re-set your tee in the ground, replace your ball, and start afresh. Your first stroke on the hole will be your first real attempt to hit the ball.

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