Monday, February 23, 2015

Ask Linda #1003-ID another’s ball

Linda, my golf companion approached a ball beside me and asked if that was her ball.
I said I think so...she hit the ball and discovered it belonged to another in our foursome.
This player said she would not have a penalty because I said it was her ball.
Isn't it her responsibility to check her own ball before hitting it?

Dear Lulu,

Yes, it is the player’s responsibility to identify her own ball. Even if you had said: “Yes, I’m sure it’s yours,” that would not absolve her of the two-stroke penalty for hitting a wrong ball [Rule 12-2].

Please remember to put a distinctive mark on all the balls in your bag so that there will never be a question as to whether a ball is yours. Hitting a wrong ball is one of those infractions that can easily be avoided with minimal effort. And carry a marker in your bag to lend to others who may have neglected to mark theirs.

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