Friday, January 31, 2014

Ask Linda #786-Ball hits pole under Local Rule to re-hit


I was playing a course that has a telephone pole next to a green. There is a local rule that states that if you hit the lines or the pole, you must re-hit your shot. This is a par 5 and I was hitting a fairway wood into the green. My shot went toward the pole, but we could not see if it hit it. The angle of the shot was also taking it towards the out-of-bounds. As such, I hit a provisional ball, thinking that my shot may be out-of-bounds. When we got to my ball, it was out-of-bounds, however, a homeowner who lives next to the green and saw my shot, stated that my ball hit the telephone pole and then deflected out-of-bounds.

My question is, because my ball hit the pole, I needed to re-hit. Can I use my provisional ball, which I hit thinking the ball may be out-of-bounds? Or would I need to go back to the original spot and hit another ball. I am assuming if that is the case, I would do so without penalty. 

Lou from Utah

Dear Lou,

You would be required to return to the original spot and hit another ball. You hit the provisional for a ball that may be out of bounds. When you learn that the ball hit the pole, which requires a replay, your play is now governed by the Local Rule, not the Provisional Ball rule. 

There is no penalty when you return and re-hit.

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