Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ask Linda #784-Competitors choose their own tee time

Hi Linda,

I don’t know whether you can answer this, or if it’s a local rule.

The list of tee times went up for everyone to put their names down for the championship. I managed to get the earliest time. To my dismay, while walking down the first hole I saw two ladies, who were 4th on the tee time list, come wandering up the ninth. They had scribbled out their names and booked a private tee time two hours before us to beat the heat.

Surely you can’t do this. They were playing earlier than the starting time for the competition.

If they asked the permission of the captain is it allowed?

Lulu from England

Dear Lulu,

Players are required to start at the time established by the Committee. The fact that a sign-up sheet was used to select tee times does not change this Rule [6-3a]. The penalty for starting at the wrong time is disqualification.

If the Committee has been consulted prior to the tournament and has elected to give players permission to start at a different time, they may do so. The Committee has sole discretion in assigning tee times.

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