Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ask Linda #777a-Non-conceded putt assists partner

Hi Linda
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Question regarding the 1st question in Ask Linda #777:
Even though C cannot win the hole, if A& B do not concede C's putt, doesn't C still have the right to putt, regardless of whether or not it helps his partner?
Perhaps C is far enough away that he would have to take a 6 as the "most likely " score but he would rather try for the 5. Isn't it up to A&B to be alert in match play and give him his putt before he can try to make it?
I know most of the time you are supposed to "pick up" if out of the hole as a time saver, but do you have to pick up if you prefer to make the putt (assuming your opponents don't concede it)?
All the best
Lulu from New York and Florida

Dear Lulu,

You are absolutely correct. Even though Player C is out of the hole (he was putting for a 5, and A and B had both scored 4), C has every right to putt if A and B have not conceded his putt. And if his putt assists his partner, all the better for his team.

If A or B concede C’s putt, the narrative changes. In that case, D will be disqualified from the hole if C’s putt assists D (e.g., speed, break, line of play).

The savvy player who knows the Rules will concede the putt of an opponent who is out of the hole.

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