Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ask Linda #777-Putt assists partner

Hi Linda,

Still hooked on your website.

3 questions for you please if I may.

1st question: A & B were playing a Four Ball match against C & D. A & B were in for a 4. C had played 4 so was out of the hole, D had a putt for a 4. Instead of picking up, C putted as he was on a similar line to D and it assisted him with the line of putt.

I believe that C’s actions would be construed as practicing during the play of a hole (since he could no longer influence it but his partner had not holed-out or been conceded), which is contrary to rule 7-2. As this action also assisted his partner, the penalty is loss of hole.

Am I correct??

In addition to the above, could his actions be considered as similar to those in decision 30-3f/6 (contrary to the spirit of the game, so in equity disqualified from the hole)?

2nd question: May a player wrap a towel (paper or cloth) around his wet grip and play a stroke (action done to assist gripping a wet club)?

3rd question: A player has a 2 ball putter – may the player draw a line through the centre of the 2 balls to assist with lining up a putt (before a stipulated round)?

Lou from the UK 

Dear Lou,

Question #1:
This would not be considered practice.
There is no penalty for putting after the putt has been conceded. However, if the putt would assist the player’s partner, the partner would be disqualified from the hole [Decision 2-4/6].

Question #2:
Yes, a player may wrap a towel or handkerchief around his wet grip so that the club won’t slip on a rainy day [Rule 14-3c (iii)]. I carry a handkerchief in my bag for just that purpose.

Question #3:
Yes, you may draw a line on your two-ball putter. The company actually sells one with the line printed on the putter.

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