Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ask Linda #766-Stance in GUR

Hi Linda,

During a round of golf recently, one of our players hit close to a bunker that was GUR. There was a split opinion as to whether she could take a drop, seeing her foot would be in GUR in a normal stance to play the shot. I personally thought her ball would have to be in GUR for us to be arbitrating this question. Others thought she would be given a drop as she was not required to play from GUR. Surely the player could have hit sideways, as would be the case had the bunker not been GUR????


Dear Lulu,

A player is entitled to free relief if her ball lies in Ground Under Repair (GUR), or if the GUR interferes with her stance or the area of her intended swing [Rule 25-1a]. The GUR in your scenario interfered with the player’s normal stance. She was entitled to a free drop outside the bunker within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole. The fact that the drop may give her an improved stance is not a consideration in determining whether she is entitled to relief.

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