Monday, December 16, 2013

Ask Linda #762-Position of feet during drop

Hi Linda,
With regard to dropping a ball within one/ two club lengths, am I right in thinking that after measuring the length out, that you stand within this distance but can drop the ball to land outside this distance? Love your posts.

Thank you,
Lou from Ireland

Dear Lou,

I’m afraid not, Lou. When the Rules require that you drop within a specific area, you must drop the ball in that area. After the ball is dropped, it may very well roll outside the prescribed area. That does not pose a problem if it does not roll more than two club-lengths from where it hit the ground or closer to the hole than its original position [Rule 20-2c].

Where you place your feet when you drop a ball is not governed by a rule. The Rules are only concerned with where you drop the ball.

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