Monday, December 2, 2013

Ask Linda #754-Touch grass in hazard

Linda, this question comes up frequently at my club. Our creeks (water hazards) are not trimmed or cut, so the grass can be a foot tall. If the ball is in this grass and in the hazard and you address the ball, club not on the "ground" but touching the grass at address and in the backswing, is this considered grounding the club? If so, then you would have to address the ball with the club held at half swing parallel to the ground.
Lou from Georgia

Dear Lou,

As long as you keep the sole of your club above the ground, you are permitted to touch the grass at address and on your backswing [Note to Rule 13-4].

You are not permitted to ground your club in a hazard. Grounding your club means resting it on the ground.

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