Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ask Linda #755-Ball on out-of-bounds line

Hi Linda,

I'm wondering if you could clear up an issue that keeps coming up with our group of players. We've been told 2 separate things by many different people. I'd love it if you could clear this up once and for all.

What is the ruling when, specifically, no part of your ball is on the "good" side of the white/out of bounds line...but on the line nevertheless.  Is your ball in play if your ball is touching any part of the white line?

Lulu from Toronto, Canada

Dear Lulu,

The white line that defines out of bounds is out of bounds. A ball sitting on the line is out of bounds if no part of the ball extends onto the course [Definition of “Out of Bounds”].

Imagine a vertical plane standing at the juncture of the course and the line. If your ball is on the line, but part of your ball extends through that plane onto the course, it is in bounds. If your ball is on the line and no part of it breaks that plane, it is out of bounds.

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