Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ask Linda #1709-Line-of-sight relief from a telephone pole

Dear Linda,
My golf partners and I continually struggle with the question of whether or not "line of sight" relief is allowed if a telephone pole is in the field of play.

The pole is in the rough...if that makes a difference. Thank you Linda.

Lou from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Lou,

I wrote a detailed column addressing this same issue with regard to an irrigation-control box in 2010. Please read the column and substitute “telephone pole” for “irrigation-control box.” Here is the link:

Briefly, the player is only entitled to free relief if the immovable obstruction (the pole, in your case) interferes with the player’s stance or his area of intended swing [Rule 24-2a]. Intervention on the line of play (or line of sight) is not considered interference; no free relief is available [Rule 24-2a; Decision 33-8/17].

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