Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ask Linda #1693-Position bag to shade ball

Dear Linda,
A golfer was on the tee box of the Par-4 last hole of a round of golf. He teed his ball but was distracted by the moving shadows of overhead trees moved by winds. So he moved his bag and trolley to cast a stationary shadow over his ball and then played his ball. What’s the penalty, if any?
Lou from Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Lou,

The penalty is two strokes (loss of hole in match play) for a violation of Rule 14-2. The player may not deliberately position anything or anyone to protect him from the elements.

If the parked equipment incidentally cast a fortuitous shadow (meaning the player did not notice any advantage until he stepped onto the tee), he would be under no obligation to move it. On the other hand, if his equipment (or a nearby person) cast a distracting shadow, he may reposition the equipment (or ask the person to move). Please read Decision 14-2/2.5.

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