Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ask Linda #1698-Holes played out of order in match play

Hi Linda,
Can I ask a question please?

This concerns a Match Play competition held at my club.

The players’ names are listed on one side and the winner of the match puts his name in the next round and plays whoever wins the match below him, and so on, until we reach the last two players. This should take six rounds to complete.
The players have to play each round by a certain date and make up their own times and date to play the matches.

On an early round two players started their match and then played the 3rd and 17th holes out of sequence. Realising their error they disregarded the two extra holes and continued the match before one of them won and went through to the next round.

I have been asked to clarify the position as the winning player won his next match and now the question has been asked should he have been disqualified for playing the holes out of sequence in the previous match.

I have made an initial decision that the match should stand as played and have based that decision on Decision 2-1/5

Q: In a match, the players by mistake play three holes out of sequence. The error is discovered before the match concludes. What is the ruling?
A: There is no penalty, and those three holes stand as played. If the players were to replay the three holes in proper sequence, there would be no penalty, and the three holes stand as replayed.

Have I got this correct or not? If not, can you please point me in the right direction?

I think the people asking for a disqualification are basing their argument on Stroke Play rulings, which are completely different.

Many thanks.
Best Regards,
Lou from Skegness, UK

Dear Lou,

Richard, your decision that the match should stand as played is correct. Decision 2-1/5 is the applicable Decision. Well done.

In stroke play, the competitors would have been disqualified under Rule 11-4b. 

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