Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ask Linda #1593 corrected

Dear Linda, 
The answer given in your reply to [Ask Linda #1593-Player in match remembers earlier violation] is not quite correct.

Whilst it is true that the state of the match must be corrected, the players must return to the 18th tee and play this hole under the match conditions.

The previous playing of this hole was not during the continuance of the match but on a social basis.

In Decision 9-2/9 the match is still alive although it does not clearly say this.
Decision 2-5/5.5 is more appropriate where the discovery is made after the result of the match and after the players have continued to play holes under the impression that the holes do not matter.

Thank you,
Lou from the UK

Dear readers,
While the procedure explained above by Lou from the UK is the correct way to proceed, there would be no penalty to the players in #1593 for not replaying Hole #18 from the teeing ground. Neither team was aware of the need to replay the entire hole; both teams agreed on the procedure. There was no agreement to waive a Rule of Golf.