Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ask Linda #1585-Where to stand to remove ball from hole

Hello Linda,  
Thanks for educating the golfing world continuously and selflessly. There was a discussion on the subject that how far one should stand while recovering the ball from the hole after it has been putted.  Some say your foot be at least six inches away from the cup others say minimum distance has to be 8 inches. What is the rule?
Lou from Pakistan

Dear Lou,

Sometimes it seems as if there is a separate Rule to cover every situation on the golf course. (How else to explain so many Rules and Decisions?) Your question, remarkably, touches on a subject that is not addressed by the Rules of Golf.

Where to stand when you remove the ball from the hole relies on common sense. Good etiquette would dictate that you don’t step on the edge of the hole and damage it, but I cannot imagine anyone doing that. Stand an appropriate distance away, staying out of everyone else’s line of putt, and lift your ball out of the hole. Please use your hand or one of those suction cups that attach to the end of your putter grip; do not dig it out with the blade of your putter.

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