Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ask Linda #1586-Original and provisional are out of bounds

I continue to love the emails and have recommended your blog to many people. Here is a situation where I am not sure of the answer.

A player hits a tee shot that may be OB. He hits a provisional ball. He finds both balls and both are OB. He obviously returns to the tee to hit again. Is he now hitting stroke number 3 or 5?

Thanks, as always,
Lou from Litchfield, South Carolina

Dear Lou,

The player is now hitting stroke number 5.

Each ball bears a relationship to the previous ball played. The first tee shot is stroke #1. The first provisional is the player’s second stroke, and his third on the hole (the provisional becomes the ball in play when the original is found out of bounds). When the provisional is found OB, the player still does not have a ball in play. He must return to the tee to hit a ball under penalty of stroke and distance. It will be his fifth shot on the hole. We can only hope that he hit this ball on the golf course!

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