Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ask Linda #1513-Teeing off on wrong hole

Hi Linda,
When walking from the 10th green to the 11th tee, we teed off and walked up the fairway to realize that we accidentally teed off the 14th hole. 
We walked back to the correct 11th tee and continued the round. 
What us the penalty if any please?

Thanks for all your terrific insight into the rules. 
Lou from Melbourne, Australia

Dear Lou,

The penalty in stroke play for playing from the wrong teeing ground is two strokes [Rule 11-5]. If you had completed play of Hole #14 and teed off on #15, you would have been disqualified; since you corrected the error before teeing off on #15, you incur the two-stroke penalty and may continue your round [Decisions 11-5/4 and 11-5/1]. Don’t count any of the strokes you made while playing #14; just add two strokes to your score for Hole #11.

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