Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ask Linda #1509-Post a score when limit on number of clubs

We play maybe two times a year a game where we are only allowed 3 clubs and a putter. Our handicap chair says she called the USGA and they said we should not post those scores. Most players don't care, several say they will not post, and several insist on posting. What is the protocol for specialty games and posting?
Lulu from Sarasota, Florida

Dear Lulu,

I am surprised that players feel they have the right to ignore a USGA directive. Posting scores is not an option at the player’s discretion. There are rules about posting set down by the USGA. Certain scores are unacceptable for posting. Scores made in tournaments that limit the number of clubs to less than 14 is one of them. Here is the exact wording from The USGA Handicap System manual, Section 5-2:

e. Unacceptable Scores
Scores made under the following conditions are not acceptable for handicap purposes and must not be entered in the player's scoring record:
 (iii) When, as a condition of the competition, the maximum number of clubs allowed is less than 14, or types of clubs are limited as, for example, in a competition that allows only iron clubs…

I wrote a very detailed column in 2009 explaining what scores are acceptable and unacceptable for posting. I also explained Equitable Stroke Control. I would strongly recommend that you click on the following link, read the column, and share it with your group:

Dear readers,
Please remember that my source for answers to handicap questions is The USGA Handicap System manual. Individual countries have their own handicap systems, so my answer may not necessarily apply to you.

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