Monday, April 10, 2017

Ask Linda #1506-Order of play in a team match

We are playing in a two-man team match play event. The hole will be won by the lowest individual score of each team. For purposes of the play through the green, I'm clear that you have to play by who is furthest from the hole or you could have your shot recalled. On the tee box, does the winning team from the last hole have to tee off by the order of their scores, or is it just enough that they both tee off first in any order?
Lou from The Villages, Florida

Dear Lou,

In a two-man team match, the team (not the individual player) has the honor on the tee. Either player may tee off first, followed by his teammate. The decision is yours [Rule 30-3b].

This Rule remains the same throughout play of the hole. If your ball is furthest from the hole, your partner has the option to play first, even if his ball lies closer to the hole than yours and everyone else’s. There are times when this might be a good strategy. For example, you might want your partner to hit first if he is planning to lay up short of a water hazard and you are trying to decide whether to go for it, or you might want your partner to putt first to show you the line if he has a par putt and you have a birdie putt.

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